Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raegan's 1st haircut

So Sam and I finally agreed to get Raegan's hair cut at the age of 3 1/2. She has had little curls in the back of her hair since she was born or actually since she has had hair and we didn't want to lose the curls. Sam is so cute because he is very sentimental about these things. So while visiting my sister-in-law in Charlotte I noticed a really cute salon went to a little place in Charlotte called Pigtails and Crewcuts. So along with Sam, his two sisters and mom, our neice and I we went in for the big cut. It was the cutest place and as you can see from the pictures below she got to chose her seat, an airplane. We had actually talked to her before we went in and she was very excited about getting it cut. But when she sat down she literally didn't have any emotion what so ever. She didn't talk or even make a facial expression. The salon had tv's on the wall playing "Up" which she loves but she just kept looking in the mirror taking everything in.  The lady who cut her hair was so nice and very sweet to Raegan. She tried to make conversation with Raegan but Raegan just wanted to watch what she was doing. When she was done cutting her hair she sprayed Raegan's hair with a shine that smelled like cupcakes and let her pick out a toy from the toy bucket. They also gave us a certificate that had the little curls that they cut off and a picture of Raegan and her new haircut. It was such a great experience and I feel sure Raegan will be fine to do it again.

 Getting Started

The end product!!


  1. So grown up now! That looks like the coolest place! Why can't we have a place like that in L-burg? Glad it was a great experience :)